Economical, clean and reliable


LNG is a clean fuel

LNG provides sizable reductions in emissions of CO2, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Unlike diesel and heavy fuel oil LNG requires no groundwater or surface water clean up if spilled. Because LNG evaporates and dissipates into the atmosphere it’s the ideal fuel for environmentally vulnerable sites like water protection areas.

Switching to LNG improves the local air quality and reduces CO2 emissions

LNG is economical

LNG is substantially more competitive than oil products like heating oil. Titan LNG helps industrial and shipping customers to reduce energy costs by switching from crude oil-based fuels to reliable LNG solutions.

LNG is reliable and safe

LNG is a reliable and safe fuel that has been used around the world for decades.

LNG is a safe, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid.  LNG does not burn or explode as a liquid. It can only burn if vaporized into natural gas, mixed with a certain amount of air and then provided with a source of ignition. Natural gas is lighter than air and will disperse into the atmosphere. LPG vapors are heavier than air and tend to collect in low-lying locations where a combustible mixture is easily formed. This makes LNG safer than Propane of Heating Oil.

When constructing LNG installations and containers safety is the highest priority. All LNG equipment is CE-Certified and produced by manufacturers in Germany and the Netherlands. On top of this, our installations are commissioned by the TÜV Nord or Bureau Veritas.

Titan LNG installs remote monitoring systems that send continuous signals to our operators and our customer’s control rooms.

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