Titan LNG Flexbox

Plug & Play Natural Gas Supply


The Flexbox makes it possible to use natural gas anywhere! The Flexbox can be up and running at your site within hours as it requires no foundation. The Flexbox is suitable for long-term as well as short term gas supply. The Titan LNG full-service solution includes everything from, LNG delivery, remote monitoring and control of the Flexbox, service and maintenance.

Titan LNG en Rolande LNG hebben twee 40ft, twee 45ft en een 20ft LNG Container in gebruik

LNG Tank & Vaporizer9 m length, 2,5 m width and 2,6 m height
30ft ContainerCE certificate, TÜV
Maximum gas outputInstallation
250 Nm3/hr. (~ 2,5 MW burner capacity)Power (400 V, 32 A)
Possible gas pressure range 35-2.500 mbarContainer Weight
Storage capacity10 MT empty
14.500 litre LNG (~5.000 kg, ~75 MWh)15 MT full