LNG Installation

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Titan LNG Full-Service Solutions consist of the rental of the LNG infrastructure (Installation, Maintenance and Operation) and the supply and delivery of LNG.

An LNG Installation is very similar to an industrial liquid nitrogen installation. The system consists of a double-walled vacuum insulated tank for storing the LNG and an ambient air vaporizer (aluminum heat exchanger) to convert the LNG to normal natural gas. The vaporizer only uses energy from the air and requires no extra energy.

 The most important components of an LNG installation
The energy from the air is sufficient to transform LNG to natural gas

The most important technical component of an LNG installation is a pressure build up vaporizer that maintains a constant pressure of around 6-8 bar in the LNG tank and the gas pressure reduction system that regulates the outlet pressure to the required gas pressure for the burners (normally 200-300 mbar).

Titan LNG always installs remote monitoring equipment that continuously communicates the LNG level in the tank and the pressure to our operations department. This facilitates the LNG ordering process that’s fully automated.

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