LNG Supply Chain

Natural Gas supply without a pipeline


LNG is typically produced at large natural gas production sites, for example in Norway or Qatar. Natural gas is liquefied by cooling it to -160⁰C, thereby decreasing the volume 600 times. Then it can be loaded in dedicated transportation ships that bring the LNG to import terminals all over the world.


Titan LNG delivers LNG anywhere in North-West Europe. Due to our pan European supply & distribution activities, Titan LNG can provide full-service solutions for industrial customers an logistics services to shipping and road transportation companies, that use LNG to fuel trucks.

The number of European terminals where LNG can be loaded into trucks is rapidly increasing. Depending on our customers locations Titan LNG sources LNG from Zeebrugge LNG Terminal or Gate terminal Rotterdam.

Zeebrugge LNG Terminal, Belgium
Rotterdam Gate terminal, Netherlands
Montoir LNG Terminal, France

The transport is carried out using double walled vacuum insulated LNG trailers and containers. The LNG does not require cooling while being transported. All of the transportation partners of Titan LNG are certified and all drivers hold ADR accreditations. In the near future transport of LNG by medium sized ships, via inland waterways or sea will improve the supply chain efficiency.

At the customers’ site a vaporizer is installed to transform the LNG to natural gas. After the LNG can be used as a fuel. LNG has an energy value of 11.6 kWh/Nm3, which is a bit higher than pipeline gas.