LNG solutions for the shipping sector

Titan LNG is specialized in delivering everything that a shipping client needs or is looking for when it comes to LNG. Titan LNG delivers end-to-end LNG solutions, including the cool down of LNG tanks, project planning, supply and delivery.
Titan LNG is experienced in Truck-to-Ship and Ship-to-Ship LNG bunkering with our FlexFueler LNG barges in the ARA region, and with chartered LNG carriers globally. Gas prices and new global regulations will significantly increase the uptake of LNG. For more background please find a link here to DNV GL’s view on the energy future up to 2050. The new energy forecast suggests that in almost any scenario LNG will be the dominant marine fuel in the market. Titan LNG supports shipping companies in realizing cleaner transport.

Ship To Ship

FlexFuelers – the innovative bunker barges

Titan LNG has designed and developed the first LNG bunkering barge in Northwest Europe for the ARA (Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp) region: the Titan LNG FlexFueler.

The innovative LNG bunker barge navigates to LNG powered seagoing vessels to safely supply LNG while they load or unload their cargo (SIMOPS).
Furthermore, it has fixed locations where bunkering can take place for seagoing vessels and inland waterway barges.

The Titan LNG FlexFuelers minimize costs and maximize operational efficiencies. They are the key to unlocking safe and quick LNG supply in the ARA region and other locations in the near future.

The distances by river between the various ports in the ARA region are short, and therefore the FlexFuelers can deliver in all 3 ports.

Titan LNG also charters vessels to perform ship-to-ship operations globally and has proprietary transfer equipment.

Truck To Ship

Titan LNG pioneered the LNG bunkering business. Frequent supplies of LNG via truck-to-ship take place in various ports in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and the UK.

Titan LNG offers full-service solutions, including designing operational procedures, LNG safety procedures, logistics, and the operations on site.

Titan LNG developed a “T-piece”, which combines the flow of LNG from two trucks. The T-piece makes the truck-to-ship bunkering process much more efficient, as it reduces the time required compared to sequential truck deliveries.

Short lead times for bunkering truck-to-ship can be achieved due to own LNG trailers, Time Chartered and Spot Chartered. The LNG supplies come from various terminals where contracts are in place with capacity holders to have easy access to LNG. Optimization can be done on available quality in the tanks of the terminal.

LNG Anywhere

Titan LNG delivers LNG where requested around the globe. Titan LNG provides tailored solutions for our clients anywhere they require.