LNG Supply Chain

Natural Gas supply without a pipeline

LNG is produced at large natural gas production sites, in, for example Norway, Qatar or at smaller (Bio)LNG liquefaction sites near bio gas sources. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), consisting of methane or CH4, is cooled at a temperature of -160°C. At this temperature the gas is a liquid, reducing the volume 600 times, enabling economical transportation and storage.

Titan LNG delivers LNG worldwide. Together with our partners, Titan LNG is building a global supply network. The number of terminals where LNG can be loaded into trucks is rapidly increasing. Depending on your location, Titan LNG sources and delivers LNG globally. From Zeebrugge to Bilbao, from Rotterdam to Singapore.

A vaporizer is installed anywhere LNG is used to transform it back to gas. After which, the gas can be used as a fuel. LNG has an energy value of around 15.25 MWh/ mt or 11.6 kWh/Nm3 in a gaseous state.

LNG Bunkering

LNG – The economical and compliant (future) fuel for the shipping sector

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Supply & Distribution

Full-Service LNG solutions for industrial customers

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Services & Support

Projectmanagement and execution of cool downs, commissionings, and de-bunkerings

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