Marine LNG Assessment Tool

Offering Insights into the Business Case for LNG-powered Ships


Our in-house developed “Marine LNG Assessment Tool” providing decision support for shipping companies that are weighing their options regarding future propulsion for their vessels.

We understand that a new fuel is a complex decision for ship owners and charterers. This user-friendly tool helps to evaluate if LNG is suitable for specific vessel types and trade patterns.

Vessel design and operational aspects are combined with realistic pricing scenarios to provide a quick assessment if LNG is beneficial for a specific project. The tool illustrates price difference between MGO and LNG, plus the higher energy content of LNG, may justify the extra costs of the LNG system.

We are looking forward to helping potential users and will use feedback to further improve the questionnaire and the output of the tool. Your data input will of course only be used for this specific purpose and will not be shared with third parties.

Please complete the below form for the first assessment, the results will be sent to your email address soonest, if required we will follow up with you to go into more specific details to further tailor the data and to have an in depth talk about pricing, availability, supply logistics and design considerations.


Please go to your desktop version to download the document.


Please go to your desktop version to download the document.


Below you can find an example of the Marine LNG Assessment Tool output.