LNG supply and distribution

Titan LNG enables industrial companies and local power generators to switch to LNG – a cleaner and more economical fuel – without the need to build a gas pipeline. Titan LNG can install a stationary LNG plant, our Flexbox, or another mobile solution.

Full service solutions of Titan consist of:

– Supply of LNG
– Rental of LNG infrastructure (installation, maintenance and operation)

Titan LNG offers solutions ranging from: LNG delivery, remote monitoring and control of the LNG installation (for example the Flexbox), to service and maintenance.

Our services include project planning, supply and delivery, as well as risk management and hedging services to mitigate price fluctuations.

Titan LNG Stationary Installations

One Stop-Shop Solutions

Depending on your energy demand, a stationary LNG installation can be right for you.

LNG installations are a proven technology and operate similarly to liquid nitrogen plants consisting of a vaporizer and a double-walled vacuum insulated storage tank.

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Titan LNG Flexbox

Plug & Play Natural Gas Supply

The Flexbox makes it possible to use natural gas anywhere. The Flexbox can be up and running at your site within hours as it requires no foundation. Suitable for long-term as well as short-term gas supply.

The Titan LNG full-service solution includes everything from LNG delivery, remote monitoring and control of the Flexbox, service and maintenance.

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Titan LNG mobile solutions

Use Natural Gas – anywhere you need it

Besides stationary LNG plants, Titan LNG also provides mobile solutions: LNG vaporizers and storage. The mobile vaporizer only uses energy from the ambient air, thus no extra energy is needed for evaporating the LNG.

The installation and commissioning are efficient and performed by our team of experts. You can benefit straight away from the advantages of natural gas for the production of heat, steam or electricity.

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LNG Anywhere

Titan LNG delivers LNG where requested around the globe. Titan LNG provides tailored solutions for our clients anywhere they require.